Encaustic Wax Five Day Free Online Workshop

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Ignite your senses, and step into a world of colour... texture... and delicious, molten wax...

I believe colour, texture and art making has the power to heal, at a core, soul, level.

So come and join me in this series of short videos, designed to inspire, and spark your imagination.

Immerse, and lose yourself in the therapeutic joy of creativity.

I have created this free course to share the therapeutic benefits of painting with hot molten beeswax.

Complete beginners who claim they can't draw a straight line love it, yet equally, adventurous artists are challenged by it's limitless possibilities.

Having run in person encaustic wax workshops for around eight years, there are changes coming with my classes, and so, I've collated all of my teachings online, to help even more people get to grips with the wonders of encaustic.

Don't be put off by the term encaustic... it simply means painting with hot wax, and once you understand the basic principles of application, you'll be off and away, spreading, delicious, buttery, luscious liquid wax around in no time!

This free course covers almost four hours of content, packed full with tips and tricks to introduce you to the basics of encaustic wax painting.

We cover...

Day One:

  • Making Greetings Cards with Stamps, Ink, Paper and the Encaustic Iron.
  • Tips for positioning your iron and loading wax for best effects.

Day Two:

  • Quick recap from Day One.
  • Short Explanation of R&F Waxes versus Arts Encaustic Waxes.
  • Adding Wax Details using the Encaustic Stylus.
  • Troubleshooting when you can't get a good flow of wax from your stylus.

Day Three:

  • Explanation of different range of R&F Style Layered Dammar Based Encaustic Wax to Arts Encaustic Range.
  • Quick overview of old design stylus and new design stylus.
  • Recap of drawing with the stylus drawing nib.
  • Using different attachments... Round attachment and mini iron attachment, creating different shapes... Festive baubles, balloons and flower petals.
  • Using metal stylus paint brush, showing how to use it, clean it, and filling in larger areas of colour and create foliage or grasses.
  • Cropping pictures down and creating different style greeting cards.
  • Using the scribing tool to add details.
  • Who encaustic art is for.

Day Four:

  • Using the Encaustic Iron as a mini hotplate.
  • Thermometer gauge on the iron
  • Silicon tools to create patterns and shapes.
  • Adding wax directly to iron surface, and mono-printing onto paper.

Day Five:

  • Reworking unsuccessful cards.
  • Adding white space and tones.
  • Different ways to edge your work with the iron.
  • Other ways I can help you further.

Binge watch in an afternoon. Speed videos up, or slow them down as you work through them. Choose what works for you.

I can help you locate and purchase encaustic wax equipment. Details on how are contained within the course.

Phew... and if that's not enough, I also have TWO additional bonus videos, including a Q&A and showing you ways to mix your existing craft supplies with layered wax and dammar techniques:

  • Silicon mitts.
  • Bonus Workshop with Layers of Wax and Dammar.
  • Explaining that there is a difference between the two ranges of waxes.
  • How to introduce your craft supplies into layered encaustic waxes.
  • How to fuse layers together.

I hope you enjoy this course, it is my gift to you.

If you find you get great value out of it, and enjoy it, please let me know, and share it with your creative pals. Lets connect as many people as possible to the gift of creativity!

"The Meaning Of Life Is To Find Your Gift... The Purpose Of Life Is To Give It Away..." Pablo Picasso.

This course contains MASSES of information... If you have time on your hands, then enrol, sit back and enjoy, as I said, my gift to you.

For those who want quick, short, concise tutorials, without the chat, questions and general ramblings! You can buy my low cost, small mini courses.

Your Instructor

Julie Ann
Julie Ann

Julie works with a wide variety of art techniques, but specialises in painting with beeswax, a fascinating medium dating back around 2,000 years. Wax is versatile enough for complete beginners to create beautiful textural artworks, yet also enables experienced artists to create art in an exciting and challenging way. She has been running encaustic wax workshops online for around four years, enabling her to share these beautiful techniques with people who were never able to visit her studio.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
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How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
It's FREE... So you have nothing to loose!

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