How this membership works

How does this membership work?


We hold one live video call per month, usually on the second Wednesday of the month.

We encourage you to make space for as much creativity as possible, but at least ensure you take one day per month. We always do the first Wednesday in the month, it's in the diary, as a non negotiable, and coincides with my studio open sessions.

We encourage you to do the same, and share your creations for others to see in the Facebook group, it inspires us all.

We encourage you to share your findings, ask any encaustic questions that come up during your creative session, share any inspiring books, etc. during our video call the following week.

During the calls, it is your choice to have your video on or off, and participate, or just listen in, but by signing up, you consent to the call being recorded, shared with participants who could not join live and stored in this membership resource.

Each meeting is set up so you are automatically muted, and have your video off when you join the meeting, you have to turn your video on, and un-mute yourself to participate publicly.

You will find the link to join the video call in the next month's section of the curriculum, it will also be e-mailed to you.

The length of the calls will depend on number of attendees and the questions you have, but I would hope for a minimum of an hour, I am happy to stay on line until everybody who wants to has had an opportunity to speak, ask questions and share. Time of the calls may vary from month to month to accommodate different time zones.

Calls are normally held on the second Wednesday of the month.

To get the most out of this membership, aim to make it to as many live calls as possible, and participate.

That said, don't worry if you can't make the whole call, need to join a late, or leave a little early. There is always a replay so you can catch up later, and it's not a problem if you hop on and off during a call.

You can e-mail me your questions ahead of time, and I will aim to answer them on the call if I think they'll be of interest to others. [email protected]


If you can't make the live calls... Don't get overwhelmed in a sea of information. Get to the content you are looking for quickly and easily...

All content within this membership is summarised into two indexes; month by month, AND by topic.

Find a topic that interests you, and check which month we talked about it.

Go to the call for that month.

You will find a time summary log on the first information page.

There you will find additional information, and the approximate minutes into the video that that topic is covered, allowing you to get to the information you want quickly and easily.

Any websites, resources, etc. mentioned during the calls are listed out in separate curriculum lessons under that months section.

You can rewatch videos at different speeds, just find the 'speed' button down at the bottom right of the video.

It can sound a bit odd, but you'll be able to speed up the recording if you're short on time, or want a quick refresher, and slow it down too, great if you want to follow along with one of the live demos.



- Check that your device has speakers and a video (if you want to be heard and seen!)

- If logging in from a laptop with windows, it should automatically download Zoom for you, just hit 'run programme' and away you go.

- If logging in from a phone, or ipad, it will be easier to download the Zoom App from Google Play or the App Store, prior to the call.

- You will need to 'Allow Zoom to access video equipment' when prompted.

- If you have a set of headphones, that can sometimes be helpful, but not essential.

- I've learnt from experience, if you're really short on storage space, you might need to free up a small amount of space to allow the programme to run!

Other than that, it really is pretty straight forward.  

There's a short 50 second overview video here from Zoom, which might help...

How to connect and test your video and microphone here if you're having any problems....

I have also recorded this video myself to show you around a few more controls once inside the Zoom meeting... (This was recorded in January 2020, so please ignore the meeting dates I mention at the end!)

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