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High Heat Dammar Based Encaustics

January - Explaining the differences between the two styles of wax, during Q&A with Shelley.

Lower Heat Arts Encaustic Range

January - Trouble shooting, and painting with the encaustic iron, and stylus.

February - Live painting with the encaustic iron.

Artist Interviews

January - My background and how I got into encaustic painting.

March - I will be interviewing Patricia Balwin Seggebruch

Encaustic Books

February - The encaustic book I am writing, and the encaustic article for Workshop on the Web.

Art Therapy

January - How encaustic can really help with healing.

February - The strange art of ironing out depression.

Encaustic Conference

January - Touched on winning Binnie Birstein Scholarship to the Encaustic Conference.

Fayum Mummy Panels

January - 3D Scans of Fayum Mummy Panels

February - APPEAR Project, newly released blog on project progress

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