First Monthly Video Call - January 2020

First video call January 2020.

I hope it inspires you, and that we can get a few more on live in future months!

(Please excuse the first few seconds where I'm staring blankly at the screen, and clicking buttons, it looks a little odd on the video recording, I've tried, but it's tricky to edit out after the event...!)

We are all strapped for time... and playing catch up on an hour long video isn't always easy... SO... To help with that... Here are the approximate key timings of what we covered in this months video.

There's nothing more annoying than listening to irrelevant content, so these markers are to help you keep up with the videos if you didn't manage to catch the call live, or want to go back through the archives to specific sections.

Don't forget you can also rewatch at different speeds, just find the 'speed' button down at the bottom right of the video. It can sound a bit odd, but you'll be able to speed up the recording if you're short on time, or want a quick refresher, and slow it down, great if you want to follow along with one of the live demos. A really handy tool!

Any blogs referenced are linked up in the curriculum under this months heading.

1 minute: Intention of these group calls and what to do if you're overwhelmed on content.

4-8 minutes: Talking through Zoom functionality, which then isn't shown on the recording, I'd recommend fast forwarding these few minutes!

8 minutes: Trouble shooting with the iron. Using different pressures to get different effects.

15 minutes: Stylus, if you're not getting on with it, I show you where to locate some videos to help.

21 minutes: Shelley joins, chat and Q&A

27 minutes: Art Therapy - Father in Law, help with healing.

31 minutes: Second Iron demonstration.

37 minutes: Using your Iron as a mini hotplate.

40 minutes: My background and how I got into art, including winning Tate Modern competition.

47 minutes: Fayum Ashmolean Experts, APPEAR Project and 3D Scanners.

50 minutes: MOEA - Museum of Encaustic Art - "Arguably the fastest growing art medium in the world!)

53 minutes: Encaustic Conference May / June 2020.

55 minutes: Wrap Up, wax creation days and monthly calls on first and second Wednesdays in the month.

Here is an audio version, if you just want to listen in on the go.

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