Essential Equipment You Will Need to Get Started

The beauty of encaustic in this style, is you can start very simply and evolve your materials over time, or jump right in all guns blazing!

Watch this YouTube video to see how I first painted with wax, with next to no equipment. This is a great way to test it out before investing in lots of equipment and materials when you're not 100% sure it's for you yet. You could also try it with a beeswax candle if you don't have encaustic medium to hand. (Only use pure beeswax candles, not lower wax grade ones, or with added scents)

The minimum equipment you will need for wax and dammar encaustic painting is:

  • Encaustic medium
  • Natural haired paint brush
  • Something rigid and absorbent to paint on, such as mount card, or wooden panels
  • A heat gun or blow torch
  • Tin to melt wax in

Additional materials recommended, or covered in this course:

  • A heat source to melt your encaustic medium on/in. I recommend the A2 Ultimate Hotplate but also see my 'Lets Talk Hotplates' blog... This will give you plenty of options to help you decide what will be best for you.
  • Surface Thermometer
  • R&F Encaustic gesso
  • R&F Pigment sticks
  • R&F Encaustic waxes
  • Pan Pastels
  • Powdered pigments
  • Oil bars
  • Numerous other materials you probably already have in your art store!

Once you've enrolled on the course, the 'Lets Cover Some of the Basics' section goes into more depth on heat source options, (of which there are plenty!) There are pros and cons of each and from there, you can decide which will be most suitable for your circumstances.

Some of the encaustic materials used in this course can be tricky to come by, particularly in Europe. At the time of writing this section... we are navigating the latest Covid restrictions across the globe...  I had to leave my rented art studio. (I'm in the process of searching out my perfect permanent 'Arty Heaven' location, so always check my website contact page to see where I am, and follow me on your preferred social medias to see additional updates!) Consequently, I don't currently hold stock of encaustic materials.

All that said, I'm still happy to help you with materials...!

I'm in the process of updating where to buy materials from on my website, including links to Jacksons Art Supplies and Amazon, for smaller individual items, for which I get a referral fee if you buy through my link, (at no extra cost to you!), so please do consider going via that route when you purchase supplies. View information here.

If you are in the UK, and place an order over £200, I can order on your behalf from my supplier, they have very competitive rates particularly on 5lb and 10lb bags of encaustic medium, which in my experience, are really tricky to find elsewhere. You can view the online catalogue here, jump to page 46 for the full R&F Encaustic Range. They also have a wide range of art materials, so worth having a browse through. Use the price including VAT, and e-mail me your order, [email protected] including product description, cost, catalogue page number, and product code. Shipping will be included, and products drop shipped directly to you from Global Art Supplies. Let me know if you need help!

If you are overseas, I can often point you in the direction of a local supplier.

If you find yourself getting overwhelmed on equipment, or what you need, I wrote a blog for exactly that reason....

The summary of the blog is:

"My simple answer is; START…. with what appeals to you most, and where your budget allows…" everything can be built on from there!

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