Essential Equipment You Will Need to Get Started

The beauty of encaustic in this style, is you can start very simply and evolve your materials over time, or jump right in all guns blazing!

To start simply, the minimum equipment you will need is:

  • Encaustic Medium
  • Natural Haired Paint Brushes
  • Something rigid and absorbent to paint on, such as mount card, or wooden panels
  • A Heat Gun
  • Something to melt your encaustic medium in, which could be as simple as a baking tray, or takeaway food container.

Here is a YouTube video* which shares exactly how I started back in my early days, when I had next to no equipment.

If you're committed, and ready to dive right in, I recommend:

I highly recommend watching the YouTube video referenced above*, and reading my 'Lets Talk Hotplates' blog... This will give you plenty of options to help you decide what will be best for you.

When you're enrolled on the course, the 'Lets Cover Some of the Basics' section goes into even more depth as to options there are, (of which there are plenty!) and from there, you can decide which will be most suitable for your circumstances.