Content by Month

January Call:

  • Live painting with the iron and using as mini hotplate.
  • Trouble shooting with the stylus.
  • Q&A with Shelley, including explanation of two types of waxes.
  • Art Therapy and Healing.
  • My background, how I got into art, and winning Tate Modern Competition.
  • Fayum Mummy Panels at The Ashmolean Museum.
  • Museum of Encaustic Art - Arguably the fastest growing art medium in the world!
  • Encaustic Conference May / June 2020 / Binnie Birstein Scholarship.
  • Wrap up, wax creation days and monthly live calls.

February Call:

  • Live painting and trouble shooting for 15 minutes with the iron. 
  • What to do if you can't access your online course.
  • Tips to stop wax splashes and keep your working space clean.
  • Upcoming 'How to Paint with Encaustic' books. Exciting Huh!
  • The Strange Art of Ironing Out Depression. Art therapy and healing, mental health and the benefits of encaustic art. 
  • APPEAR Project - Interesting Fayum Mummy Panel Interview report.

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